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Amber Lee Olivier

I am a multi-passionate artist trained in dance, acting, and visual art. The result of being multi-passionate is that my paintings, masks and sculptures all have a theatricality, telling a story and encouraging the viewer to take an extra moment to ask questions and sometimes questions of themselves. I spend special attention to detail of what colors are used where, and why. 

Shows and exhibitions 2015-present

October 2021-January 2022

Tower Lofts Gallery

Minneapolis, MN


Rivertown Fall Arts Festival, Stillwater, MN


Slice of Shoreview 

Shoreview, MN


“Beaivi and the Reindeer” Asylum Theatre, Scandia, MN

Aug 2018

“The Member of Some Gods” Impossible Salt, Minneapolis, MN

Nov-Dec 2017

“Wise One” American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN

“Wishing Skin” Impossible Salt, Minneapolis, MN

“The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” Asylum Theatre

St. Paul, MN

Dec 2017

Aug 2017

June 2016

“The Green Bird” Cuckoo’s Theater, Chicago, IL

Nov 2015

“The Lost Boy” Cuckoo’s Theater, Chicago, IL

Four paintings included in exhibit: “Peace Road, Dahab”, “Anchored Boat on Tahiti Shore”, “Oh, Fiddleheads!”, “The Town Bicycle of Ravenna”.

Juried art fair where original paintings and prints were displayed and sold.

Community fair where original paintings and prints were displayed and sold

Theatre performance: Large-scale papier-mâché reindeer sculpture puppet, mid-sized rod puppet.

Theatre performance: Papier-mâché headdresses of Anubis, Thoth, Ammit.

Theatre performance: Papier-mâché animal masks inspired by slöjd art.

Theatre performance: More than 10 papier-mâché puppets, 15 Venetian-style papier-mâché masks.

Theatre performance: Mid-size rod puppet built and designed to look like the puppeteer.

Theatre performance: 2 Large-scale papier-mâché puppets, 2 papier-mâché hand puppets, 30 Venetian-style papier-mâché masks.

Theatre performance: 20’x8’ Landscape painting, three 4’x6’ backdrop paintings, two papier-mâché rod puppets.


to be completed 2022

“Birch Sunrise”



“Arctic Fox”

“Flower Girl”

36”x12” raw pigment oil on canvas commission for private collection.

3’x3’ papier-mâché wall sculpture commission for private collection.

9”x12” acrylic on canvas commission for private collection.

Education and Experience




Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin, Ireland - conservatory graduation certification.

Quest Theatre Ensemble, Chicago, IL. Worked as master puppeteer, puppet builder and performer.

ArscomicA, Reggio Emilia, Italy. Commedia d’elle Arte training with Antonio Fava, master mask maker and commedia expert.

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