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"Art is what I do to understand the world and and my place in it."

Amber Lee Olivier

The Artist

I am a multi-passionate artist. I started college at the University of MN as a Theatre major/Dance minor but left for a more concentrated education in Dublin, Ireland at the Gaiety School of Acting. I went on to study in Reggio Emilia, Italy at ArsComica in commedia dell'Arte. I have performed as an actress, dancer and singer around Europe from Greece to Northern Ireland, Mexico, and various places in the US.


The result: my paintings, masks and sculptures all have a theatricality; there's a story being told in each image. 

I still work as an actress, dancer and singer, teach yoga and fitness classes and am a NASM-CPT (certified personal trainer) and do 1:1 online fitness, nutrition & wellness coaching. I work with individuals to achieve their "whole fitness goals" of body, mind, spirit through V-Side Fitness & Wellness. Living an artful life has its base living in a healthy and vivacious body. And, I have the funniest, and objectively, most awesome dog. Lab-pit mix, Signora Babbling "Brooke." 

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