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"Art is what I do to understand the world and and my place in it."

Amber Lee Olivier

The Artist

I am a multi-passionate artist. I started college at the University of MN as a Theatre major/Dance minor but left for a more concentrated education in Dublin, Ireland at the Gaiety School of Acting. I went on to study in Reggio Emilia, Italy at ArsComica in commedia dell'Arte. I have performed as an actress, dancer and singer around Europe from Greece to Northern Ireland, Mexico, and various places in the US.


The result of my life experiences on my artwork: my paintings, masks and sculptures all have a theatricality; there's a story being told in each image. 

I still work as an actress, dancer and singer, teach yoga and fitness classes and am a NASM-CPT, CNC (certified personal trainer and nutrition coach). 


And, I have the funniest, and objectively, most awesome dog. Lab-pit mix, Signora Babbling "Brooke." 

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