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This Month: September 2022
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September has always been a big transition month. We're trained that way, school starts, holiday season starts and the weather starts changing to bring us into another dark yet contemplative winter season (especially for those of us in the north country). A limited edition of this popular piece "Wild Dala" is made available to only you, my VIP members. If you come and visit me at the studio this month, you will not find the limited editions available to the general public.

My father is a 1st generation American whose parents immigrated to the US during the Swedish exodus that started in the 1800s. My grandmother was from northern Sweden and my grandfather from southern Sweden. It was an economic dark time in all of Europe, and in the early 1900s my family left Sweden and made their way to Minnesota. Growing up myself, at holiday time all the decorations brought from Sweden were unpacked and displayed, straw yul goats, dala horses, red wooden candelabras and angel chimes. I especially loved the dala horses, probably because I loved all horses. 

Dala horses originate from the province Dalarna in northern Sweden. They started as toys made from left over wood for farm children. Most were not painted or they were painted a solid red or white. As time went on, the horses evolved to more elaborate painting and moving from a single province to becoming a modern day symbol of Sweden. As a child I was very literal. I thought movies were real and that when I got old enough I could change the tragic ending of Mozart's life in "Amadeus" and sit-coms were reality T.V., I thought there might be cameras in my house, and I thought horses in Sweden were brightly colored. From my childish mind, "Wild Dala" is a Swedish horse in its natural habitat.

Proceeds from sales of the limited edition prints of "Wild Dala" will be donated to This Old Horse. Near my home is a mustang mare sanctuary affiliated with This Old Horse, that rescued several mares from a farm in South Dakota that went defunct. The wild horses of the US may not be Dala, but they are few in number and have given an element of identity to this country from the Pony Express to the famous Mustang car. 

It's easy to feel helpless regarding crisis, especially when you don't feel a direct effect. In a way we feel trapped inside a room filled with noise, worry and fear. Whether a crisis is far away or within our immediate environment we need to find "the door" in the room. Contributing to the noise in the room is easy, finding the door to move forward is often a challenge. Finding "the door" doesn't mean running away from the crisis, it means leaving the noise behind in order to move forward with possibility to contribute to solutions. I can offer a monthly trade, you get limited edition art for yourself and/or a gift for someone else and contribute towards wholehearted solutions. 

What's a "Limited Edition Print"?

A Limited Edition Print means that it is archival for 100+ years, and only a limited number are ever produced. They come numbered, signed, and include a COA (certificate of authenticity). Each of my limited edition prints are in a series of 100. Once they're gone there are no more limited edition made.

But Amber, you have "Open Edition Prints" too, how are they different?

Open Edition simply means the image can be reproduced in potentially many sizes and on a variety of surfaces. However, they do not come with a COA, and in years to come really won't hold any value beyond personal emotion. I call them "bathroom pictures". You may want to dress up your bathroom, or the wall behind your stove or kitchen sink. Anything you hang in those areas are subject to extreme humidity, water, heat, fire, oil splashes... other types of splashes... Basically, put open edition artwork in your bathroom and work areas of your kitchen. Keep original and limited edition artwork for places away from imminent deterioration and destruction.

"Make a difference about something other than yourselves."

~ Toni Morrison

as long as space endures,

as long as there are living beings,

may i too remain

to dispel the miseries of the world.

~Shantideva's prayer

The Faces of 

A send-off party!

Back in May 2022 during the huge Art-A-Whirl event, 2 women were in Minneapolis for a theatre conference, of some kind. Then their flight back to FL was cancelled and they asked a stranger what art things they could see. They inadvertently came into my shared studio space in the Northrup King Building, saw a couple of my commedia dell'arte masks on the wall... and, well, I will be sending commissioned masks to Opera Tampa in the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, FL for their production of "Pagliacci" in March 2023.

I will be hosting a VIP mask send-off party at my studio in October. Stay tuned for the official date and full details!