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In this online room you will have access to exclusive discounts, VIP event invitations, opportunities to participate in art creation, and the first look at new works. 

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November & December 2022

Coming to the end of 2022, in retrospect (already) it's been a trying year. Any time of life that one finds trying it's important to find refuge and a method of recalibration for the whole being. The North Shore and BWCA are places I value as refuge, and I don't think I'm alone with that value. 

Proceeds from sales of the limited edition prints of "Birch Sunrise" will be donated to Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness. Being part of preservation is a step ahead.

It's easy to feel helpless regarding crisis, especially when you don't feel a direct effect. In a way we feel trapped inside a room filled with noise, worry and fear. Whether a crisis is far away or within our immediate environment we need to find "the door" in the room. Contributing to the noise in the room is easy, finding the door to move forward is often a challenge. Finding "the door" doesn't mean running away from the crisis, it means leaving the noise behind in order to move forward with possibility to contribute to solutions. I can offer a monthly trade, you get limited edition art for yourself and/or a gift for someone else and contribute towards wholehearted solutions. 

What's a "Limited Edition Print"?

A Limited Edition Print means that it is archival for 100+ years, and only a limited number are ever produced. They come numbered, signed, and include a COA (certificate of authenticity). Each of my limited edition prints are in a series of 100. Once they're gone there are no more limited edition made.

But Amber, you have "Open Edition Prints" too, how are they different?

Open Edition simply means the image can be reproduced in potentially many sizes and on a variety of surfaces. However, they do not come with a COA, and in years to come really won't hold any value beyond personal emotion. I call them "bathroom pictures". You may want to dress up your bathroom, or the wall behind your stove or kitchen sink. Anything you hang in those areas are subject to extreme humidity, water, heat, fire, oil splashes... other types of splashes... Basically, put open edition artwork in your bathroom and work areas of your kitchen. Keep original and limited edition artwork for places away from imminent deterioration and destruction.

"Make a difference about something other than yourselves."

~ Toni Morrison

as long as space endures,

as long as there are living beings,

may i too remain

to dispel the miseries of the world.

~Shantideva's prayer

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