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Thank you for your interest in an
AMBER original.

An AMBER original is not just another work of art. I'm a fine artist who creates for clients desiring a one-of-a-kind work of art expressing their inspiration. I love working with clients to select a medium. Each medium I offer varies in the time to complete and the materials required. Below are some estimates per medium. Shipping in the continental U.S. is included. 

Please email me for any questions you have or to schedule a consultation to discuss a work of art: I look forward to creating a meaningful work you will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.

The Process


I would love to hear from you! Email photos, if you have them, of your inspiration (the more the better) and tell me your ideas for a unique work of art. 


Let's have a conversation! I would love to get to know you and what the inspiration means for you. Let's talk about art you admire. What are your favorite colors?


After initial consultation, a payment of 50% is due prior to sketching. Remaining 50% prior to shipping.


Rough sketch ideas will be provided for your approval.


After the sketch is approved the fun begins! I light a fire in the stove in winter, or in summer open the windows and begin creating with complete joy. I'll send 2-3 in-progress photos. I want you to be completely happy with your art!


A certificate of authenticity is packaged with the art. Shipping is included in the Continental United States. 3-4 months from approved sketch to delivery for acrylic and sculpture, 4-7 months for oil.



Acrylic Painting

  • Acrylic on canvas - pricing based on size.

    • 8"x10" = $235

    • 11"x14" = $395

    • 12"x36" = $995

    • 20"x22" = $1,395

      • Many more sizes possible

includes MN tax & continental US shipping​​


Oil Painting

Pricing based on size. With oil, I paint with non-toxic materials. I use raw pigment (naturally colored dirt) mixed with walnut oil (won't yellow with age like linseed oil). I use a plant-based non-toxic paint thinner.

  • Oil on canvas
    Example pricing:

    • 8"x10" = $405

    • 11"x14" = $725

    • 12"x36" = $1,920

    • 20"x22" = $1,960

      • Many more sizes possible

includes MN tax & continental US shipping​​



Pricing based on size and attachments from base.

  • Papier-mâché base

    • Human face size​, face only = $140

    • Human face size with hair/crown/scene(ask for meaning) = $180-$300

      • Many options available​

includes MN tax & continental US shipping​​


Sculptures & Puppets

Pricing based on size and attachments from base.

  • Papier-mâché base

    • 3' tall Puppet w/soft body = $380

    • 3D puppet or sculpture papier-mâché only, 6"-8' = $100-$2,060

      • Many size options available​

includes MN tax & continental US shipping​​


"Other" Art

Have an idea for painting on wood? Want something for a specific purpose like a door sign, mural in your home/office, let's talk ideas.

  • Example:

    • Door signs for yoga studio, 8"x6" acrylic on wood = $40 each​

Note: I do not reuse images, each project is unique. 


Gift of Art

Want to give someone a unique work of art made just for them? You can pay for a gift size/medium and I will work with them to create their personal gifted art from you! For general pricing see style options above.


It's a rare gift in this life for a piece of art to capture the essence of a human being. But Amber, paint, brush, canvas and perhaps some divine inspiration did just this. I asked Amber to paint something for me, whatever she had in mind. When I unveiled the painting I was overcome with gratitude and awe. She painted my late father, sitting on a bench, smoking one of his beloved cigars and taking in the sea in County Kerry, Ireland. And, it was him. His essence. And, if there is such a thing as a Heaven, this would surely be it for him. Thank you Amber. You have a rare talent and a huge heart. 

Amber 73122 bench-1.jpg

I love Amber’s work! I was searching for a piece that felt personal and energizing. I asked Amber to create something beautiful and she didn’t disappoint. Since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, she asked me for one of my favorite quotes - the outcome is phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier.

I had the opportunity to purchase Amber's original painting "Reflections in a Canal: Venice", and adore how nicely it adds to my collection. I've had the fortunate experience of visiting Venice multiple times, which is probably why I was so captivated by this painting whenever I visited her studio--I just had to have it! The perspective is unique, and the way she's captured the motion of the water is distinctly mesmerizing. If she has prints available, I highly recommend you consider this piece in particular for its tranquility. Perfect for any room in the house that desires a splash of color!

canal 2.jpeg

When I first seen this, I thought, oh, it's Italy... this will inspire me to get to Italy. But now that this is in my home and on my wall, I get the opportunity to see the depth of what it brings to me. I feel the peace that it represents, the simplicity of living every day life, enjoying a moment in time knowing that something good is going to come from it. I feel the love that comes from this painting, two people enjoying each other's company in the quiet darkness of Italy. The sweetness that comes from the little things in life. These 2 are what I aspire to experience in life... Love.

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